Who is DLBS?

At DL Business Solutions we strive to create customizable and scalable business and IT solutions for your business. We tailor make our websites, strategies and marketing plans to your specific needs to grow your business the way you want it to. We have a highly skilled team of business analysts and IT specialists to accommodate a business from startup the whole way through to the board level. We believe in providing everything for startup and developing businesses all at one place for your convenience

How do we conduct business?

The Customer

The customer – our most important leg of our business. We are a client-centric business which is built around the customer’s needs and requirements and how the business fits into that by delivering professional business and IT services at affordable rates. 

Our Approach

The “proof-of-concept”


Recommendations are at the core of our new business development. As almost 65% of all of our new business comes from recommendations and referrals we strive to up-hold our excellent standard of work. 

Globalisation & Inclusion

Industry Experts

Dynamic Solutions

Innovative Technology

Marketing Gurus

What makes us so special?

What do we do?

Our End-to-End Value Proposition

At DL Bsuiness Solutions we pride ourselves in the very unique approach we take to start-up businesses and growing SMME’s.

Our vision is to be and end-to-end solution for all new and growing businesses from a business and IT perspective.

.What does that mean?

We will start your business up or grow it through a business plan which will include marketing and strategy, strong financials supplied by our accountants. Then it’s off to our IT department where we will will create or overhaul your websites and applications and train your staff up on how to implement these systems or changes. To top it off we then run your digital marketing campaigns for you so that we increase your brand awareness and generate sales!

Best part is we hold your hand through this entire process for 1 year with business consultants, accountants and IT professionals available 24/7 for all of your needs throughout your successful journey.

How do we do it?

Research & Auditing

We take time to understand our client's problems and requirements. We conduct in depth research and process/procedure auditing and create an analysis & diagnosis plan from the results.

Diagnosis & Analysis

We then implement the analyis and diagnosis plan and apply advanced analysis techniques to find the best possible and most affordable solutions for the requirement or problem.

Strategy & Solution Testing

We take each proposed solution and test it in a real world environment to see how the business would potentially react to such a change or addition. We keep going back to the testing phase with each solution until finally we have the perfect solution for our clients.

Solution Implementation

A solution is then packaged into a proposal for the client along with the rigorous analysis and testing process exposed for them to see. They sign off on the project charter and we begin implementing the business or IT solution.